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Who are our target audience?

Our main targeted audience would be both men and women above the age of 30 years. You can also write some beautiful articles that may encourage and educate the teenagers about the importance of being fit and healthy. Your article(s) can be gender specifics, age related, and demographic specific.

Guidelines for Writing

Please follow the below mentioned guidelines carefully while writing your articles:

  • Good story content (if not great) about fitness related issues
  • Words limit should be – 600 to 3500 words per article except in some exceptional cases
  • Great titles to captivate the readers’ attention
  • Use clear and simple language (please avoid jargons and any form of profanity/ or vulgar words)
  • Use friendly tone, be polite and professional at all time
  • Articles should be fluid and easily understandable
  • While citing about the origin source of the articles please make sure to credit the source with a hyperlink of it
  • Do not submit/ or write to us with some else’s article(s), interviews transcripts, videos, statements, and other information without a proper permission/ or authorization from the respective contents owner(s) of those articles.

Ps- Melisafitnessequipment.com does not encourage nor support any form of plagiarism and should not be held responsible or liable for the author’s actions.

Guidelines for Article Formatting

The following points should be strictly followed before submitting any article.

  • All articles should be either in Word/ or Text Files
  • All articles Titles (including sub-Titles and Heading) should be formatted accordingly
  • Always use Bullets while referring to some items/ or number of products for clear and enjoyable reading
  • While using any interesting comments/ or information always Highlight it by bolding that particular comments/ or information portions, to draw the attention of the readers
  • The articles should be properly formatted (including the titles, sub-titles/ or heading, paragraphs, font size, and spacing in between the lines and paragraphs)
  • Please refrain from over formatting/ or over doing with the article as that may spoiled the readers interest

We at melisafitnessequipment.com only accept the absolutely genuine, fresh and entertaining articles that would captivates and encourage the readers in knowing and learning more about fitness through us. Please avoid submitting any false/ or copied contents from other sources as yours own, to avoid any unwanted situation. In doing so you would be solely responsible for your action, as melisafitnessequipment.com in no way should/ shall be held liable for your action(s).

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