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What is Fitness Testing?

The common issue – Why Physical fitness testing exerciseWhat is fitness testing? The Importance of Is that it helps to measure the current fitness level of your body. Fitness level is nothing but the ability of a person’s body to withstand workload and the recovery time required. Some people are able to run a few miles easily whereas some find even walking a few meters difficult. This is due to the difference in their fitness testing exercise

Physical fitness programs

This program can help in reducing the risk of chronic disease, helps enhance the balance and coordination, helps in the reduction of body weight and even helps in enhancing the sleeping habits of a person.

The following are goals of fitness testing programs:

  • Reduce risk of heart disease
  • Reduce the risk of developing cancer
  • Reduce the risk of developing diabetes
  • Reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure
Assessment of fitness level

You know the fitness level of your body. To assess the exact fitness levels do the following. To assess aerobic and muscular fitness check your pulse rate before and after walking one mile, the time taken to walk one mile, the number of pushups that can be done at a time. To assess the flexibility fitness of a body tries stretching your hands towards your straightened legs by sitting on the floor.

Physical Fitness Testing Exercises

1) Flexibility training

This exercise is mainly to enhance the flexibility of a person’s body. One might wonder what the actual benefits are in flexibility training. The most important feature of flexibility training is that it helps avoid injuries, especially in a sportsperson. A few examples for flexibility training are twisting sideways, imagine a ball in front of you and kick it, hold one leg up in the air so that the hamstring is stretched.

2) Speed and strength exercise

Speed is nothing but the capacity to administer a large amount of force in a short time. The maximal force production can be increased by strength training. Accelerating and moving quicker conditions the neo muscular system. The two types of speed training are assisted speed training and resisted speed training.

3) Endurance Run/walk

Start running on a safe one-mile distance or in a 400m track. Run the maximum distance possible and then walk for a short distance. The distance should be covered as soon as possible.

4) Shuttle Run

Shuttle runs essentially in enhancing your speed and agility. Draw two lines 30 feet apart and place two small objects like a shuttlecock or a tennis ball behind one of the lines. Start running from the line where no objects are placed towards the line with the two objects. Bend down pick up one of the two objects and run back to the start line. Keep the object behind the start line and now go and pick up the second object. Do a lot of repetitions and thereby improve your agility.

5) Sit Ups

This helps in making your abdomen fit. Lying down on the floor with the knees bent so that feet are touching the floor and the arms crossed over the chest, asks someone to hold your feet and then lift all the way up. Keep doing it for a few days until you find it easy. Then more difficult exercises like weighted sit-ups and sit-ups on an inclined platform can be done.

6) Push Ups

With the toes and hands touching the floor and with the back and arms straight lower your body towards the floor. As you move down to breathe in and as you raise your body again breathe out. Do as many repetitions as possible and try to increase the repetitions each day.

Physical Fitness Testing Exercises Can Help You

  • Controlling your body weight
  • Developing your body strength
  • Maintaining healthy muscle, bones, and joints
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Reduce a feeling of depression and anxiety

Nowadays Physical fitness testing activities are seen everywhere. The number of gyms in cities has increased considerably.

Another important physical fitness activity is swimming. It helps in improving the stamina in the case of an athlete. Joint pains have a significant relief after a swim.

It is not necessary that you should spend a lot to keep yourself fit. Not that you should walk only on a treadmill available at the gym. You can go for walks on the beach, in a nearby park. Can go jogging in the nearby playground, can go swimming on weekends etc. maintaining a balanced diet also helps a person to be fit.

The Importance of physical fitness is as follows. It helps in improving your health and quality of life. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of early death, depression, breast and colon cancer, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease etc…

Also, physical fitness can help in improving bone health, improve cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, and reduce body fat and symptoms of depression. In inactive people, even a small amount of physical fitness can see health benefits.

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