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It’s one of the most common question- how to lose weight naturally? If you want to burn fat fast start Home workouts without equipment.  A lot of exercisers use to visit the gym to maintain the blood flow up and the stress hormones down. But does that mean treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, exercise class …?how to lose weight naturally

The Harvard Medical School Health beat newsletter has offered its choices of the five best workouts. The best part, few of them require a gym.  They’re not training for a marathon or triathlon.

What home workouts do?

  • keep weight in control
  • improve balance and range of motion
  • strengthen your bones
  • protect your joints
  • Prevent bladder control problems and even ward off memory loss
  • Burn your fat

Following are the best exercise without equipment for losing weight fast. And all of these exercises can start at any fitness level.

  1. Swimming

The perfect workout says the Health beat; Water buoyancy supports your weight and takes a strain off the joints. It’s good for people with joint problems, arthritis, and aerobic fitness. It puts you in a better mood and mental state. Water aerobics can burn calories and tone up the body.

  1. Tai Chi

A Chinese martial art incorporates movement and relaxation. It’s called meditation in motion, good for the body and mind. A series of graceful movements are accessible for beginners to advance. And for older exercisers, the byproduct is a balance.

  1. Strength training

It’s not just for the brawny, macho types. Lifting light weights keep muscles strong but don’t bulk them up. If you don’t use your muscles, they lose strength over time, says Health beat. Muscle work burns calories and the more calories the stronger you get. Before starting, learn proper form and don’t try to outdo your endurance level. That grows naturally. Start with a weight you can lift 10 times successively, maybe two pounds. Then every couple of weeks increases a pound or two.

  1. Walking

Very underrated it’s simple and powerful. It can help keep you trim, improve cholesterol levels, strengthen bones, keep blood pressure under control, improve mood and reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. It’s being learned that walking improves and helps resist age-related memory loss. Start walking 10 to 15 minutes at a time then increase 30 to 60 minutes as many days of the week as possible.

  1. Kegel exercises

They strengthen your pelvic floor muscles that support the bladder. Strong pelvic floor muscles help prevent incontinence.  The exercise is familiar to many women, but men can benefit too. Health beat tells: “To practice a Kegel exercise correctly, squeeze and release the muscles you would use to stop urination or keep from passing gas. Alternate quick squeezes and releases with longer contractions that you hold for 10 seconds, release, and then relax for 10 seconds. Work up to three 3 sets of 10-15 Kegel exercises each day.”

Home Workouts Without Equipment

A good guide on working out without equipment – support you get physically fit:

Whether you are right now starting out your private fitness program or already deep in a fitness schedule that you work for. Always you can acquire skill about how to get fit and stay that method. Novelty is a great asset in fitness; finding new moves and tricks can make you enjoyable.

Without equipment exercises to lose weight for beginners – points for you to consider

Workout abdominal muscles:

In order to be physically fit it is necessary that you workout your abdominal muscles on a regular basis. A good habit to do is to work them out 2 to 3 days a week because like other muscles in the body, your abdominal muscles need rest as well.

Time period (long term/short term):

Thinking long-term will help you reach your fitness goals. Nothing worth having is done in a short amount of time. You need to start out building a foundation of muscles and learn proper techniques, this will take time. Once you are more comfortable, you can move on to bigger things, but don’t expect to get the body of your dreams in just a short amount of time.

Role model:

Almost the people like to follow role models to achieve the same goal that they have already achieved. An individual can a great fitness tip. The overweight person who has been developed their fitness by using good fitness guide. Motivate others and use yourself as a positive example as to what hard work can accomplish.

Heart healthy:

Get heart healthy. If you are overweight it can put a strain on your heart. Fitness and exercise can improve heart health and help with weight loss. But you also need to adjust your diet. Reduce calories by cutting back on saturated fat, eat more fiber, and remember to eat your veggies.

Free weights at the gym:

A really good way to get fit is to start using free weights at the gym. A lot of people are intimidated by free weights and tend to stick to machines. Free weights utilize more muscle fibers and it better than a machine. Just you make sure that you know the proper way to perform lifts.

Weight lifting session:

If you are looking to enhance your workout plan, it is important to get at least two sessions of weight lifting into your routine on a weekly basis. Lifting weights make you stronger and will keep your metabolism high and be burning fat for hours after you complete your workout. Make sure to add in weightlifting to better your overall levels of fitness.

Joining to basketball/ baseball team:

If you are a high school or college student, tryout for your basketball or baseball team for the next season. Choose a right sport for you and join to team. Joining squad will help to improve your overall level of discipline. This can take an active role in your fitness regimen. Also, the constant practices and workouts will enhance the way that you look.

Hopefully, these tips have given you some fresh fitness ideas to chew on. Looking out for your personal fitness is a process that goes on forever. Far from being a bad thing, this means you can always be a little more fit! Take the ideas from this article that you think will work for you and enjoy your regime more than ever.