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What to Eat to Stay Healthy and Fit

Right now the common question is how to get fit and healthy. The quality of our lives is often determined by the quality of our health. It really does not matter how much money that one has if those money cannot provide a happy and healthy life. Find below a list of tips for maintaining a healthy and fit body:Get Fit and Healthy

Drinking adequate amount of Water

Human body consists of around seventy percent of water. Every time we work out/ or do any physical related activity it is important to compensate that amount of bodily fluids that has been lost during the activities. By drinking sufficient amount of water and possibly drinking some fresh fruits juice. That in turn helps in getting dehydrated and becoming weak. Drinking plenty of fresh fruits juice also adds wonder to one body.

Diets are Evil

Although, a crash diet may helps one in losing quick weight by limiting calories intake. But it only helps in the short period of time because it consequences in the long run create more damages to the body then one can think of (if not maintained strictly). It is difficult to follow the diets strictly and regularly due to the less calories intake and the life styles that we have now.

Stay away from Junk Foods

Staying away/ or avoiding eating any kind of junk foods is another way of keeping oneself fit and healthy. They all may taste yummy but their consequences are really bad for one’s health.

Avoid drinking too much coffee

Coffee is one of the most commonly used forms of beverages amongst the present generation to rejuvenate and refresh oneself. However, drinking coffee needs to be stopped immediately due to the following negative effects such as-

  • Caffeine consumption may raise blood pressure
  • More than 4 cups of coffee a day is linked to early death
  • Caffeine may cause insomnia
  • Caffeine causes Breast Tissue Cysts in women
  • Caffeine is also linked to gout attacks
  • Increased the risk of heart attacks among the adults
Eating more Vegetables

Practice adding and eating more vegetables in your diet preferably boil/ or with very less oils. Whenever possible try to eat the organic vegetables. It has been found that vegetable offers more health benefits than any non-vegetables foods, because of their high concentration of nutrition, vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium, and others.

How to Get Fit & Healthy FAST!

Food Pyramid Guidelines – To Get Fit and Healthy

Just you have follow food guide pyramid recommendations to get your goal and make you fitness.

1) Limitation of food consumes:

Every individual serving based on body frame, age and level of physical action. In common you can –

Eat 5-5½ servings of meat and beans, and 3 cups of milk and dairy products

Consume around 6 servings of grains

Consume 5-6 teaspoons of vegetable oils with your cooking

Consume 2½ cups of vegetables and 1½-2 cups of fruits

2) Consume a variety of food: attempt to include the six food groups e.g. vegetables, fruits, meat, grains, milk and beans and oils. These items are perfect for body fitness.

3) Choose healthy foods from each food group:

  • Select entire grains because these are with rich vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • Have more fresh vegetables that are rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber.
  • Consume a variety of fruits from each color to have different vitamins that you required
  • Eat lean meat (beef, skinless chicken breast, fish filet)
  • Practice low fat milk (1% fat) and can have low fat yogurt and cheese; these contain less calories and same amount of calcium.

.4) Stay away of sweet and sugar since these items are rich with calories and has less nutrients value

5) Accomplish physical activity in a routine ways and take it as part of your lifestyle.

How to Stay Fit and Healthy Naturally

Taking Deep Breathe

Oxygen is the most crucial thing that our body needs to keep us alive. One may survive more than a weak without foods and water, but not without oxygen. Without oxygen one may not even survive for more than 3-4 minutes, forget about an hour leave alone for just a day. Taking deep breathe helps in proper circular of blood in the body specially the heart and the lungs.

Make Friendship with Health Conscious Minded People

Try to make new friend who are health conscious and mixed with them, not just to get motivated and encourage in staying healthy and fit. It is also all about learning and knowing in regards to various health’s’ related issues, their benefits, usage and others.

Carry your Foods to Work

Always make sure to carry your foods to work (during your work days) to avoid eating from outside. This practice will not only help you from eating oily and unhygienic foods but will also help you in saving money and keeping yourself healthy and fit.

Don’t forget to stretch

Try to make a habit of stretching your upper and lower body every now and then whether you’re exercising or not, be it you are at home/ or at work place. By doing this your body and muscles will become flexible, and as such will refrained your body from getting cramps, stiffs,  and pull muscles.

Adequate Hours of Sleep

It is very important to have adequate number of hours of deep and sound sleep every night. This is the time when our bodies muscles get rest and try to recovers itself from any internal body injuries, and also rebuild the new cells. Minimum 7-8 hours of sleep is a must for all.

Exercise Regularly

To live a healthy and fit body, it is necessary to exercise regularly. The more we aged our bodies become very stiffs and rigid. To avoid such thing happening with our bodies it is good to exercise regularly, not just to keep the body flexibly but also to stay fit. It is rightly said ‘Health is Wealth’!

Physical Checkup

Many a time we may ignore/ or don’t realize of what is happening in our own bodies. We only visit to hospitals, and consult doctors when the illness become serious, and thus end up losing previous lives. To avoid any unwanted situations it is important to do physical checkup at least once a year, if not more. This will help us in detecting any illness at minor stages, where preventive measures can be taken accordingly and get rid of them.

Avoid Tensions

Try to keep your mind free as much as possible from any kind of tensions by not thinking about those incidents that may have happened with you. Tension will only create more problems by harming your body in the form of- headache, will make you irate, mentally weeks and high pressure. This can be achieved by calming your mind through practicing deep breathing techniques and meditation.


We would recommend you to take some time out for yourself from your mundane and hectic life. Go out- may be for a morning/ evening walks; catch up with your friends and families. Go on a vacation with your friends/ families to a new place that you’ve never visited before and refresh your mind.

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